Commit 8e0709d7 authored by Arnout Engelen's avatar Arnout Engelen

Fix link to PEP8 fix E731

parent 41934f9a
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Version [95](
* [Change the "No file format specific differences found inside, yet data differs" message to be clearer that diffoscope "knows" about this file format yet could not be helpful in this case](
* Various [PEP8]( style fixes, including:
731](, [E502](, [E501](https://salsa.debirg/reproducible-builds/diffoscope/commit/8ea7501), [E302](, [E251](, [E241](, [E226](, [PEP8: E121, E122, E126, E128](, etc.
[E731](, [E502](, [E501](https://salsa.debirg/reproducible-builds/diffoscope/commit/8ea7501), [E302](, [E251](, [E241](, [E226](, [PEP8: E121, E122, E126, E128](, etc.
* [Don't append rather useless "(data)" suffix](
* Mattia Rizzolo:
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