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Here's what happened in the [Reproducible Builds]( effort between Sunday September 16 and Saturday September 22 2018:
* FIXME: vagrant: *Call for capable armhf dev board donations, link to image, talk(s), etc.*
* [Reproducing tarballs under various toolchains](
* A reminder that the **fourth Reproducible Builds summit will take place from December 11th—13th 2018** at [Mozilla]( in Paris, France. If you are interested in attending please register by sending an email to ``. More details may be found on the [associated event page](
* FIXME:Janneke wrote a blogpost
* Bernhard M. Wiedemannup updated `disorderfs` (our [FUSE]( filesystem that deliberately introduces non-determinism into filesystem metadata) [to use sys/xattr.h from glibc]( as newer `libattr` versions have dropped their own `xattr.h` header.
* FIXME: (bsdtar argument parsing bug found as a result of the tarballs thread)
* Daniel Shahaf started an interesting discussion on [our mailing list]( regarding [reproducing tarballs under various toolchains]( As a result, Daniel actually uncovered an [argument parsing bug in `libarchive`](
* FIXME: proposes to revert the SOURCE_EPOCH change
* An [issue was opened in the CPython bug tracker]( regarding test failures regarding the [`SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`]( environment variable which actually proposes to revert the previous changes.
* [Janneke]( published a blog post entitled "[Reduced Binary Seed Bootstrap](" in which they describe how the [GuixSD]( operating system is working on a small subset of packages in order to achieve a truly-auditable "[bootstrappable](" package set.
* Chris Lamb reviewed 15 Debian packages, adding to our [knowledge about identified issues]( In addition, two issue types were updated: [`fixed_timestamp_in_fonts_generated_by_ufo2ft`]( was removed and `randomless_in_pdf2htmlex_html_output` [was renamed]( to `randomness_in_pdf2htmlex_html_output`.
* [openSUSE]('s wiki page [on their approach and resources regarding reproducible builds]( was linked on our IRC channel.
* Chris Lamb also updated the SSL certificate for [](
Patches filed
* Bernhard M. Wiedemann:
* [libqt5-qtbase]( (toolchain, override mtime with `SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`)
* [libqt5-qtbase]( (toolchain, override mtime with [`SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH`](
* [disorderfs]( (fix build)
* [pitivi]( (parallelism race)
* [sigil]( (fixup bad reproducibility patch)
......@@ -29,3 +37,47 @@ Patches filed
* [dateutils]( (fix FTBFS-2018-10-07 [via upstream patch](
* [python-execnet]( (extended fix for FTBFS-j1)
* [yubikey-manager-qt]( (merged, sort `readdir(2)`)
* Chris Lamb:
* [#909078]( filed against [fltk1.1]( in Debian.
diffoscope development
diffoscope version `102` was [uploaded to Debian unstable]( by Mattia Rizzolo. It [included contributions already covered in previous weeks]( as well as new ones from:
* Chris Lamb:
* [Fix tests under `colord` >= 1.4.3]( ([#908900](
* [Drop `print()` statement in PPU tests](
* Marek Marczykowski-Górecki:
* [Try fuzzy matching for non-text JSON files too]( ([#909122](
* Mattia Rizzolo:
* [Use the new `debhelper-compat` virtual dependency](
Test framework development
There were a number of updates to our [Jenkins]( testing framework that powers []( this month, including:
* Holger Levsen made a huge number of changes to the framework's [Arch Linux]( support, including:
* Refactoring for huge performance gains, including [a huge rework of the scheduler](, [dropping 8000 SQL queries](
* Drafting a plan on [how to switch to SQL-based HTML page generation](
* A large number of bug fixes, including [removing various "Bashims"](, [preventing the scheduling of blacklisted packages]( and [ensuring notifications are not sent when they affect no packages](
* In addition more debug output ([1](, [2](, etc.) was added to catch future errors.
* The output of rescheduled packages was changed to be sorted. ([1](, [2](
* In Debian, Holger also [doubled the size of `/tmp` on the `pb3+4` nodes]( and ensured that `rm -rf` [was called with `--one-file-system`](
* Hans-Christoph Steiner [added the Android Tools Team packages as a "package set"](
* Lastly, Mattia Rizzolo temporarily [marked the `` node as offline](
This week's edition was written by Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Chris Lamb, Daniel Shahaf, Holger Levsen, Vagrant Cascadian & reviewed by a bunch of Reproducible Builds folks on IRC & the mailing lists.
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