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......@@ -79,6 +79,24 @@ Source tarballs, intended for building, are not always published in repositories
- `${artifactId}-${version}` (see [artifacts in Central providing such source tarballs](
- `${artifactId}-${version}` (see [artifacts in Central providing such source tarballs](
Auditing a Build
As explained on top of this page, by default, jars found in public repositories probably won't be reproducible. But you can try to rebuild them and
measure how much they are not reproducible:
1. download the jar from a public repository,
2. determine which major version of JDK was used to produce it: usually, the full Java version is found in `META-INF/MANIFEST.MF` by running `unzip -p xxx.jar META-INF/MANIFEST.MF`
3. find sources and build instruction on originating project site
4. rebuild with a JDK of the same major version than the version found on step 2
4. examine the differences using [diffoscope](
Usually, you'll find a few files that are different, in addition to zip content timestamp and order.
Notice that if you didn't use the same JDK major version, you'll see many differences in .class files.
Improving the build to get reproducible build will then be specific with each build tool.
You may discuss issues and fixes on [Reproducible Builds mailinglist]({{ "/docs/contribute/" | prepend: site.baseurl }}).
Reproducible Builds for Maven
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