Commit 44d6ffc7 authored by Ximin Luo's avatar Ximin Luo

adt_testbed: add stdout/stderr to the "auxverb failed" error message, if available

parent 4a080375
......@@ -427,7 +427,12 @@ class Testbed:
adtlog.debug('testbed command exited with code %i' % proc.returncode)
if proc.returncode in (254, 255):
self.bomb('testbed auxverb failed with exit code %i' % proc.returncode)
msg = 'testbed auxverb failed with exit code %i' % proc.returncode
if out:
msg += '\n---- stdout ----\n%s----------------\n' % out
if err:
msg += '\n---- stderr ----\n%s----------------\n' % err
return (proc.returncode, out, err)
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