Commit d96687d7 authored by Guillem Jover's avatar Guillem Jover Committed by Chris Lamb

Remove old Date::Parse backwards-compatibility code. (Closes: #910257)

The required debhelper version providing the get_source_date_epoch() function
is available since Debian stable (stretch). Let's remove this code and the
unnecessary dependency.
Signed-off-by: Guillem Jover's avatarGuillem Jover <>
Signed-off-by: Chris Lamb's avatarChris Lamb <>
parent 0f98d4ba
......@@ -11,7 +11,6 @@ use B;
use File::Find;
use Debian::Debhelper::Dh_Lib;
use File::StripNondeterminism;
use Date::Parse;
......@@ -81,13 +80,7 @@ foreach my $package (@{$dh{DOPACKAGES}}) {
next unless @nondeterministic_files;
= eval { get_source_date_epoch() };
if (not defined $File::StripNondeterminism::canonical_time) {
# Hack for old versions of debhelper
isnative($package); # Sets $dh{DATE} as a side-effect
$File::StripNondeterminism::canonical_time = str2time($dh{DATE});
$File::StripNondeterminism::canonical_time = get_source_date_epoch();
verbose_print("Using $File::StripNondeterminism::canonical_time as canonical time");
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