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      Update changelog for 0.023-1 release · cfe9520c
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      Merge tag '0.023' into debian · 3634f4e8
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      * tag '0.023':
        Release 0.023
        javaproperties.pm: Match more styles of .properties and loosen filename matching.
        Remove hyphen from non-determinism and non-deterministic.
        handlers/png.pm: Drop unused Archive::Zip import
        Support Android .apk files with the JAR normalizer.
        t/fixtures.t: Don't run normalizer if we didn't find one.
        t/fixtures.t: Explicitly test that we can find a normalizer
        t/fixtures.t: move to using subtests
        t/javaproperties: move pom.properties and version.properties tests to fixtures
        Add the "expected" filename to the end of the test name.
        Move "in" and "out" to the end of the filename so we can match more filenames
        Add gzip testcase fixture.
        Replace t/ar.t with a fixture.
        Replace t/javadoc.t with fixture
        Set a canonical time for fixture tests.
        Replace (single) pearregistry test with a fixture.
        Make fixture runner generic to all normalizer types.
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      Release 0.023 · 431b953c
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