Commit f262442c authored by Ludovic Rousseau's avatar Ludovic Rousseau

InterruptRead(): log the timeout used

This change allows to differentiate between a short
(PCSCLITE_POWER_OFF_GRACE_PERIOD, 5 seconds by default) and a long
(PCSCLITE_STATUS_EVENT_TIMEOUT, 10 minutes by default) timeout.
parent 4529d6d7
......@@ -1303,7 +1303,7 @@ int InterruptRead(int reader_index, int timeout /* in ms */)
if (usbDevice[reader_index].multislot_extension != NULL)
return Multi_InterruptRead(reader_index, timeout);
DEBUG_PERIODIC2("before (%d)", reader_index);
DEBUG_PERIODIC3("before (%d), timeout: %d ms", reader_index, timeout);
transfer = libusb_alloc_transfer(0);
if (NULL == transfer)
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