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0.9.1 release

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......@@ -162,6 +162,26 @@ Please include:
* Please run the `librarian-puppet` commands in verbose mode by using the
`--verbose` flag, and include the verbose output in the bug report as well.
## Changelog
### 0.9.0
* Initial release
### 0.9.1
* Proper error message when a module that is sourced from the forge does not
* Added support for annotated tags as git references.
* `librarian-puppet init` adds `.tmp/` to gitignore instead of `tmp/`.
* Fixed syntax error in the template Puppetfile created by `librarian-puppet
* Checks for `lib/puppet` as well as `manifests/` when checking if the git
repository is a valid module.
* When a user specifies `<foo>/<bar>` as the name of a module sources from a
git repository, assume the module name is actually `<bar>`.
* Fixed gem description and summary in gemspec.
## License
Please see the [LICENSE](
......@@ -2,6 +2,6 @@ require 'librarian/puppet/extension'
module Librarian
module Puppet
VERSION = "0.9.0"
VERSION = "0.9.1"
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