Commit 8f5b91c0 authored by Joshua Johnson's avatar Joshua Johnson

Fix spelling/grammar

parent 1f6dd2b6
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ If we do not, then librarian-puppet will assume we meant the `master` branch.
If we use a `:ref =>`, we can use anything that Git will recognize as a ref.
This includes any branch name, tag name, SHA, or SHA unique prefix. If we use a
branch, we can later ask Librarian-pupet to update the modulek by fetching the
branch, we can later ask Librarian-puppet to update the module by fetching the
most recent version of the module from that same branch.
The Git source also supports a `:path =>` option. If we use the path option,
......@@ -156,8 +156,8 @@ Update the version of a dependency:
Bug reports to the github issue tracker please.
Please include:
* relevant `Puppetfile` and `Puppetfile.lock` files.
* version of ruby, librarian-puppet
* Relevant `Puppetfile` and `Puppetfile.lock` files
* Version of ruby, librarian-puppet
* What distro
* Please run the `librarian-puppet` commands in verbose mode by using the
`--verbose` flag, and include the verbose output in the bug report as well.
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