No signd support by default in Debian OBS.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Lee (李健秋)'s avatarAndrew Lee (李健秋) <>
parent f0a7da56
Description: set the default config to no signing server
As we do not support signd by default in Debian OBS package. So that
we should set this default as no signing server in the config file.
Author: Andrew Lee (李健秋) <>
Origin: Debian
Forwarded: not-needed
Reviewed-By: Andrew Lee (李健秋) <>
Last-Update: 2019-01-25
--- open-build-service-2.9.4.orig/src/backend/
+++ open-build-service-2.9.4/src/backend/
@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ our $relsync_pool = {
#No package signing server
#our $sign = '/usr/bin/sign';
#Extend sign call with project name as argument "--project $NAME"
-#our $sign_project = 1;
+our $sign_project = 0;
#Global sign key
#our $keyfile = '/srv/obs/openSUSE-Build-Service.asc';
#our $gpg_standard_key = "/etc/obs-default-gpg.asc";
......@@ -16,3 +16,4 @@ do-not-run-rake-at-build-time.patch
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