Commit 10eeab1d authored by Lucas Kanashiro's avatar Lucas Kanashiro

Add autopkgtest test case to smoke test the complete setup

In this test the api, the server, and one worker are configured,
a DoD project and a test project are created, and finally the
hello package is created and commited to the test project which
makes use of the DoD project to download the dependencies.
parent 461e5456
......@@ -12,3 +12,7 @@ Restrictions: needs-root
Tests: setup-api-and-check
Depends: obs-api, obs-server, default-mysql-server, ssl-cert, curl, apache2
Restrictions: needs-root
Tests: smoke-test
Depends: obs-api, obs-server, obs-worker, obs-utils, osc, default-mysql-server, ssl-cert, apache2
Restrictions: needs-root
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