Commit 2062ad68 authored by Lucas Kanashiro's avatar Lucas Kanashiro

debian/rules: do not start obs-api services after installation

Due to obs-api services depend on some steps executed by the setup task
to start successfully, they always fail the attempt of initialization
after installation.
parent 1c689ec2
......@@ -109,16 +109,6 @@ override_dh_systemd_start:
obspublisher.service \
obsservice.service \
dh_systemd_start -p obs-api \ \
obsapi-clockwork.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-consistency_check.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-default.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-issuetracking.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-mailers.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-project_log_rotate.service \
obsapi-delayedjob-queue-quick.service \
dh_auto_test || true # temporary ignore
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