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== Running with Rake

The easiest way to run the unit tests is through Rake. The default task runs
the entire test suite for all classes. For more information, checkout the
full array of rake tasks with "rake -T"

Rake can be found at

== Running by hand

To run a single test suite

   rake test TEST=path/to/test.rb

which can be further narrowed down to one test:

   rake test TEST=path/to/test.rb TESTOPTS="--name=test_something"

== Dependency on Active Record and database setup

Test cases in the test/active_record/ directory depend on having
activerecord and sqlite installed. If Active Record is not in
actionpack/../activerecord directory, or the sqlite rubygem is not installed,
these tests are skipped.

Other tests are runnable from a fresh copy of actionpack without any configuration.