Commit df74e557 authored by Cédric Boutillier's avatar Cédric Boutillier

Add back test/test_xml_device.rb in the list of tests

parent dfc42b2c
......@@ -4,10 +4,7 @@ require 'rbconfig' do |t|
t.libs = ["test"]
# add all tests except one because of unconsistent testing of available
# devices/surfaces. Will be fixed in release just before 1.12.1.
# See
t.test_files = FileList['test/test_*.rb'] - ["test/test_xml_device.rb"]
t.test_files = FileList['test/test_*.rb']
t.ruby_opts << '-rcairo-test-utils' << '-rtest/unit'
t.verbose = true
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