Commit bb766563 authored by Dmitry Borodaenko's avatar Dmitry Borodaenko

load so from libzmq3 or libzmq1

parent 36b3cbb6
......@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ module ZMQ
ZMQ_LIB_PATHS =([inside_gem] + local_path + [
'/usr/local/lib', '/opt/local/lib', '/usr/local/homebrew/lib', '/usr/lib64'
]).map{|path| "#{path}/libzmq.#{FFI::Platform::LIBSUFFIX}"}
ffi_lib(ZMQ_LIB_PATHS + %w{libzmq})
ffi_lib(%w{} + ZMQ_LIB_PATHS + %w{libzmq})
rescue LoadError => e
if ZMQ_LIB_PATHS.any? {|path| File.file?(path) }
warn "Unable to load this gem. The libzmq library exists, but cannot be loaded."
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