require 'simplecov' require './lib/rmagick/version' require 'fileutils' require 'English' task :config do def version Magick::VERSION end # e.g. 2.13.3 becomes RMagick_2-13-3 def version_tag "RMagick_#{version.gsub('.','-')}" end # e.g. 2.13.3 becomes rmagick-2.13.3.gem def gem_name "rmagick-#{version}.gem" end def base File.expand_path('..', __FILE__) end end desc 'abort when repo is not clean or has uncommited code' task :assert_clean_repo do sh('git diff --exit-code') abort 'Git repo not clean' unless $CHILD_STATUS.success? sh('git diff-index --quiet --cached HEAD') abort 'Git repo not commited' unless $CHILD_STATUS.success? end desc 'build gem' task :build => [:config] do sh 'gem build -V rmagick.gemspec' if $CHILD_STATUS.success? FileUtils.mkdir_p(File.join(base, 'pkg')), gem_name), 'pkg') else STDERR.puts 'Could not build gem' exit $CHILD_STATUS.exitstatus end end task :push_and_tag => [:build] do sh "gem push #{File.join(base, 'pkg', gem_name)}" if $CHILD_STATUS.success? sh "git tag -a -m \"Version #{version}\" #{version_tag}" STDOUT.puts "Tagged #{version_tag}." sh 'git push' sh 'git push --tags' else abort 'tagging aborted pushing gem failed' end end desc 'Release' task :release => [:assert_clean_repo, :push_and_tag] desc 'Release and build the legacy way' task :legacy_release=> ['legacy:README.html', 'legacy:extconf', 'legacy:doc', 'legacy:manifest', 'release'] namespace :legacy do require 'find' task :redcloth do require 'redcloth' end README = 'README.html' MANIFEST = 'ext/RMagick/MANIFEST' # Change the version number placeholders in a file. # Returns an array of lines from the file. def reversion(name) now = now = now.strftime('%m/%d/%y') lines = File.readlines name lines.each do |line| line.gsub!(%r{0\.0\.0}, Magick::VERSION) line.gsub!(%r{YY/MM/DD}, now) end lines end # Rewrite a file containing embedded version number placeholders. def reversion_file(name) lines = reversion(name) tmp_name = name + '_tmp' mv name, tmp_name begin, 'w') { |f| lines.each { |line| f.write line } } rescue mv tmp_name, name ensure rm tmp_name end end desc 'Update version in extconf' task :extconf do reversion_file 'ext/RMagick/extconf.rb' end desc 'Build README.txt from README.textile using RedCloth' task 'README.txt' => [:redcloth] do reversion_file 'README.textile' body = File.readlines 'README.textile' body = + "\n"'README.txt', 'w') { |f| f.write body } end desc 'Build README.html from README.txt' task README => 'README.txt' do puts "writing #{README}", 'w') do |html| html.write < RMagick #{Magick::VERSION} README END_HTML_HEAD html.write File.readlines('README.txt') html.write < END_HTML_TAIL end end desc 'Update versions in html files' task :doc do Dir.chdir('doc') do FileList['*.html'].each { |d| reversion_file(d) } end end # Remove files we don't want in the tarball. # Ensure files are not executable. (ref: bug #10080) desc "Remove files we don't want in the .gem; ensure files are not executable" task :fix_files do rm 'README.txt', :verbose => true chmod 0644, FileList['doc/*.html', 'doc/ex/*.rb', 'doc/ex/images/*', 'examples/*.rb'] end desc 'Build manifest' task :manifest do now = now = now.strftime('%H:%M:%S %m/%d/%y') puts "generating #{MANIFEST}", 'w') do |f| f.puts "MANIFEST for #{Magick::VERSION} - #{now}\n\n" Find.find('.') do |name| next if name f.puts name[2..-1] # remove leading "./" end end end end require 'rake/extensiontask' require 'rake/testtask' require 'rspec/core/rake_task''RMagick2') do |ext| ext.ext_dir = 'ext/RMagick' end do |t| t.libs << 'test' end task :test => :compile task :spec => :compile if ENV['STYLE_CHECKS'] require 'rubocop/rake_task' task :default => [:spec, :test, :rubocop] else task :default => [:spec, :test] end