Commit a0c73b1a authored by Ximin Luo's avatar Ximin Luo

Add a note about non-deterministic tarballs

parent 1a8fae54
......@@ -104,6 +104,16 @@ conditions for (2), e.g.
obvious so documentation is less necessary, and dependent crates all do it
correctly already.)
Changed orig tarballs
Sometimes the orig.tar generated by debcargo might change e.g. if you are using
a newer version of debcargo and one of the dependencies relating to generating
the tarball was updated and its behaviour changed - compression settings,
tarball archive ordering, etc. This will cause your upload to get REJECTED by
the Debian FTP archive for having a different orig.tar. In this case, set
REUSE_EXISTING_ORIG_TARBALL=1 when running ``./``.
......@@ -49,7 +49,14 @@ if shouldbuild ${DEBSRC}_${DEBVER}.dsc "$PKGNAME/debian/changelog" ]; then
mv "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}.orig.tar.gz" "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}"
apt-get -t unstable source "${DEBSRC}" # "=${DEBVER}"
# check that old tarball contains same contents as new tarball
diff -q <(zcat "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}") <(zcat "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}.orig.tar.gz")
if ! diff -ru \
--label "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}" \
<(zcat "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}" | tar -tvvf-) \
--label "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}.orig.tar.gz" \
<(zcat "${DEBSRC}_${UPSVER}.orig.tar.gz" | tar -tvvf-); then
read -p "contents differ, continue with old tarball or abort? [y/N] " x
if [ "$x" != "y" ]; then exit 1; fi
( cd "$PKGNAME" && dpkg-buildpackage -d -S --no-sign )
# sign if not UNRELEASED
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