Commit 3b1aa2ca authored by Andreas Schneider's avatar Andreas Schneider Committed by Jeremy Allison

python:samba: Remove code to change group

This is the wrong place, it will just prepare the ldif. The file is not
created here.

The code is corrently changing the group in:
Signed-off-by: 's avatarAndreas Schneider <>
Reviewed-by: 's avatarAndrew Bartlet <>
parent 47c03979
......@@ -1199,16 +1199,6 @@ def setup_bind9_dns(samdb, secretsdb, names, paths, lp, logger,
dns_keytab_path=paths.dns_keytab, dnspass=dnspass,
dns_keytab_path = os.path.join(paths.private_dir, paths.dns_keytab)
if os.path.isfile(dns_keytab_path) and paths.bind_gid is not None:
os.chmod(dns_keytab_path, 0640)
os.chown(dns_keytab_path, -1, paths.bind_gid)
except OSError:
if not os.environ.has_key('SAMBA_SELFTEST'):"Failed to chown %s to bind gid %u",
dns_keytab_path, paths.bind_gid)
create_dns_dir(logger, paths)
if dns_backend == "BIND9_FLATFILE":
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