Commit 6363a2d8 authored by Jelmer Vernooij's avatar Jelmer Vernooij Committed by Andrew Bartlett

format-subunit: Remove import of unnecessary third party modules testtools and subunit.

Change-Id: I3403ceacf8bbdf075c1c540081f7c3e82f4751bc
Signed-off-by: Jelmer Vernooij's avatarJelmer Vernooij <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAndrew Bartlett <>
parent 77e70246
...@@ -10,18 +10,13 @@ import signal ...@@ -10,18 +10,13 @@ import signal
import sys import sys
sys.path.insert(0, "bin/python") sys.path.insert(0, "bin/python")
import samba
samba.ensure_external_module("mimeparse", "mimeparse")
samba.ensure_external_module("extras", "extras")
samba.ensure_external_module("testtools", "testtools")
samba.ensure_external_module("subunit", "subunit/python")
import subunithelper import subunithelper
parser = optparse.OptionParser("format-subunit [options]") parser = optparse.OptionParser("format-subunit [options]")
parser.add_option("--verbose", action="store_true", parser.add_option("--verbose", action="store_true",
help="Be verbose") help="Be verbose")
parser.add_option("--immediate", action="store_true", parser.add_option("--immediate", action="store_true",
help="Show failures immediately, don't wait until test run has finished") help="Show failures immediately, don't wait until test run has finished")
parser.add_option("--prefix", type="string", default=".", parser.add_option("--prefix", type="string", default=".",
help="Prefix to write summary to") help="Prefix to write summary to")
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