Commit e388e599 authored by Stefan Metzmacher's avatar Stefan Metzmacher Committed by Andrew Bartlett

dbcheck: don't remove dangling one-way links on already deleted objects

This would typically happen when the garbage collection
removed a parent object before a child object (both with
the DISALLOW_MOVE_ON_DELETE bit set in systemFlags),
while dbcheck is running at the same time as the garbage collection.
In this case the lastKnownParent attributes points a non existing

BUG: default avatarStefan Metzmacher <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarAndrew Bartlett <>
parent 6d50ee74
......@@ -571,6 +571,19 @@ newSuperior: %s""" % (str(from_dn), str(to_rdn), str(to_base)))
def err_missing_target_dn_or_GUID(self, dn, attrname, val, dsdb_dn):
"""handle a missing target DN (if specified, GUID form can't be found,
and otherwise DN string form can't be found)"""
# Don't change anything if the object itself is deleted
if str(dn).find('\\0ADEL') != -1:
# We don't bump the error count as Samba produces these
# in normal operation"WARNING: no target object found for GUID "
"component link %s in deleted object "
"%s - %s" % (attrname, dn, val))"Not removing dangling one-way "
"link on deleted object "
"(tombstone garbage collection in progress?)")
return 0
# check if its a backlink
linkID, _ = self.get_attr_linkID_and_reverse_name(attrname)
if (linkID & 1 == 0) and str(dsdb_dn).find('\\0ADEL') == -1:
Checking 232 objects
WARNING: no target object found for GUID component for DN value lastKnownParent in object CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp - <GUID=f28216e9-1234-5678-8b2d-6bb229563b62>;OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp
WARNING: target DN is deleted for lastKnownParent in object CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp - <GUID=f28216e9-1234-5678-8b2d-6bb229563b62>;OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp
Target GUID points at deleted DN '<GUID=f28216e9-1234-5678-8b2d-6bb229563b62>;OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp'
Remove stale DN link? [YES]
Removed deleted DN on attribute lastKnownParent
WARNING: no target object found for GUID component link lastKnownParent in deleted object CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp - <GUID=f28216e9-1234-5678-8b2d-6bb229563b62>;OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp
Not removing dangling one-way link on deleted object (tombstone garbage collection in progress?)
ERROR: wrong dn[CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp] cn='fred\nDEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4' name=b'fred\nDEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4' new_dn[CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp]
Rename CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp to CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp? [YES]
Renamed CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,OU=removed,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp into CN=fred\0ADEL:2301a64c-1234-5678-851e-12d4a711cfb4,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=release-4-5-0-pre1,DC=samba,DC=corp
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