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    • Andrew Tridgell's avatar
      s4-selftest: support 'make testenv SCREEN=1' · dfb664a1
      Andrew Tridgell authored
      this can be used to start a test envioronment in screen windows.
        make testenv SCREEN=1 SELFTEST_TESTENV=dc
      to launch just one environment (in this case, "dc")
    • Andrew Tridgell's avatar
      s4-selftest: added --screen option for test · b772871f
      Andrew Tridgell authored
      you can now do:
        make test TESTS="some test" SCREEN=1
      while in GNU screen, and all the samba servers will launch in their
      own new screen, named after the server name.
      You can also do:
        make test TESTS="some test" SCREEN=1 VALGRIND_SERVER=1
      to run valgrind on each samba server, or
        make test TESTS="some test" SCREEN=1 GDBTEST=1
      to run gdb on each server