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<title>GrADS command: set cachesf</title><H2><B>set cachesf</B></H2><P><code>set cachesf <i>num</i></code><p>Use this command to change the scale factor for setting the default cache size (in bytes), which is calculated according to this formula:<br />
X grid size * Ygrid size * 8 * cachesf <p>The default cache scale factor is 1. <br><p>
<H3>Usage Notes</H3><P>This command is available with GrADS version 2.0.a8 or later. <P>The cache size is only relevant when reading HDF5 and NetCDF4 data types.
<P>Cache size is set on a per-file basis; the cache size will be different for each file opened in GrADS. After a file is opened, a new cache is allocated for each variable that gets displayed in the file.
 Be careful<P>Current value of the cache size may be discovered with the <code><a href="gradcomdquery.html">query cache</a></code> command. <P>Please see the documentation on <a href="compression.html">compression</a> for more details.<P>