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<!--Copyright (C) 1988-2005 by the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES). See file COPYRIGHT for more information.-->

<H2><B>draw string</B></H2><P>
<code>draw string <i>x y string</i></code><p>
Draws the character <code>string</code> at the <code><i>x,y</i></code>
position. <code><i>x</i></code> and<code><i> y</i></code> are given in
inches on the virtual page. The string is drawn using current string
attributes -- set the <a href="gradcomdsetstring.html"><code>set
and <a href="gradcomdsetstrsiz.html"><code>set strsiz</code></a>
commands. <p>
<H3>Usage Notes</H3><P>