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<!--Copyright (C) 1988-2005 by the Institute of Global Environment and Society (IGES). See file COPYRIGHT for more information.-->
<html><head><title>GrADS Command: set ccols</title><style type="text/css"><!--.style1 {color: #990000}--></style></head><body bgcolor="e0f0ff" text="#000000">
<h2><b>set ccols</b></h2><p><code>set ccols <i>col1 col2 col3 ... colN</i></code>
Sets specific color numbers for contour levels specified by <ahref="gradcomdsetclevs.html"><code>set clevs</code></a>. <p><h3>Usage Notes</h3><ol><li>
Contour colors are reset with every execution of <ahref="gradcomdclear.html"><code>clear</code></a> or <ahref="gradcomddisplay.html"><code>display</code></a>.<li>User-specified ccols won't take effect unless clevs are also set.<li>If any of the color numbers is &lt; 0, it is set to 0 (the background color).
<li>(<span class="style1">Version 2.0.0+</span>) When using 'gxout shade2' or 'gxout shade2b', if any of the color numbers is &lt; 0, the contour is not drawn (i.e., it is effectively transparent).<li>See section of User's Guide on <a href="colorcontrol.html">controlling colors in Grads</a> for more details.</ol>
<p><h3>Examples </h3>