set shpopts

set shpopts fillpoly <marktype> <marksize>

Sets current attributes for drawing shapefiles.

fillpoly   color number to use when drawing filled polygon elements of a shapefile. Default is -1, which draws polygons unfilled.
marktype   Mark type to use when drawing point elements of a shapefile. Please see the draw mark command for the list of options.
marksize   Mark size of use when drawing point elements of a shapefile.

Usage Notes

This command is available with GrADS version 2.0.a8 or later.

When drawing shapefiles that contain points, the default mark type is a closed circle (type 3) and the default size is 0.05.

When drawing shapefiles that contain polygons, the default behavior is to draw only the perimeter of each polygon element. Use the fillpoly option with set shpopts to draw filled polygons and set the fill color. The polygon perimeters will also be drawn when the fillpoly option is used. The color, style, and thickness of the polygon perimeters are controlled by the set line command.

Use the q shpopts command to see the current settings for drawing and writing shapefiles.

Please see the documentation page on shapefiles for more details.


set shpopts 15