gxeps [ -acdklrsv -i <infile> -o <outfile> ] [<infile>]

Converts the GrADS metacode format file to a PostScript file. Where:

Usage Notes

  1. The default behaviour of gxepsis to create a grayscale plot on a white background. The GrADS default rainbow colors (color numbers 2 to 14) are converted into appropriate grey shades. User-defined colors (numbers above 15) are translated to greyscale intensity based on their green content only.
  2. For more information, see the section in the User's Guide on Producing Image Output from GrADS.


  1. gxeps -a
    Prompts user for the input and output file names and convert to greyscale on white background with page size A4.
  2. gxeps -rc -i mytest.mf -o mytest.ps
    Converts GrADS metacode format file mytest.mf to a color plot on black background and outputs the result to PostScript file mytest.ps.