Commit 16e0bfc0 authored by Ruben Undheim's avatar Ruben Undheim

Clean up

parent b696191f
......@@ -61,6 +61,14 @@ override_dh_auto_clean:
$(RM) -r openEMS/build || true
$(RM) -r AppCSXCAD/build || true
$(RM) debian/man/*.1
cd CSXCAD/python && PYBUILD_VERSIONS="$(PYTHON2VERSIONS)" pybuild --clean
cd openEMS/python && PYBUILD_VERSIONS="$(PYTHON2VERSIONS)" pybuild --clean
$(RM) -r CSXCAD/python/debian
$(RM) -r openEMS/python/debian
$(RM) CSXCAD/python/CSXCAD/*.cpp
$(RM) openEMS/python/openEMS/*.cpp
$(RM) -r CSXCAD/python/.pybuild/
$(RM) -r openEMS/python/.pybuild/
cd debian/man ; CHANGELOG_DATE="$(CHANGELOG_DATE)" ./
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