Commit 67a069f4 authored by Steve Capper's avatar Steve Capper

Remove unaligned memory test

This should help sparc64 tests, if we miss a case a SIGBUS
will greet us.
parent 28b3b1f3
Description: Remove unaligned mem-accesses from test_malloc_pools.cpp
Index: tbb-2017~U7/src/test/test_malloc_pools.cpp
--- tbb-2017~U7.orig/src/test/test_malloc_pools.cpp
+++ tbb-2017~U7/src/test/test_malloc_pools.cpp
@@ -62,11 +62,10 @@ static tbb::atomic<int> liveRegions;
static void *getMallocMem(intptr_t /*pool_id*/, size_t &bytes)
- void *rawPtr = malloc(bytes+sizeof(MallocPoolHeader)+1);
+ void *rawPtr = malloc(bytes+sizeof(MallocPoolHeader));
if (!rawPtr)
return NULL;
- // +1 to check working with unaligned space
- void *ret = (void *)((uintptr_t)rawPtr+sizeof(MallocPoolHeader)+1);
+ void *ret = (void *)((uintptr_t)rawPtr+sizeof(MallocPoolHeader));
MallocPoolHeader *hdr = (MallocPoolHeader*)ret-1;
hdr->rawPtr = rawPtr;
......@@ -12,3 +12,4 @@ fix-armel.patch
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