Commit 3a81faa8 authored by Roberto C. Sánchez's avatar Roberto C. Sánchez

LTS/python-urllib3 status update

parent 70448b84
......@@ -93,8 +93,7 @@ poppler (Emilio)
NOTE: 20190408: No known upstream patches available for remaining open CVEs (sunweaver)
python-urllib3 (Roberto C. Sánchez)
NOTE: 20190504: Upstream has committed fix for CVE-2019-11236; though, their commits, 9b76785 and efddd7e, reference CVE-2019-9740 (roberto)
NOTE: 20190504: Working now on backporting the fixes (roberto)
NOTE: 20190518: Fix for CVE-2019-11236 has been backported (roberto)
python2.7 (Roberto C. Sánchez)
NOTE: 20190504: Patches integrated for CVE-2018-14647, CVE-2019-5010, and CVE-2019-9636, CVE-2019-9948
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