Commit 63a33a12 authored by Salvatore Bonaccorso's avatar Salvatore Bonaccorso

Add fixed version for CVE-2014-9450/zabbix

git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// e39458fd-73e7-0310-bf30-c45bca0a0e42
parent 0827cae9
......@@ -1711,7 +1711,7 @@ CVE-2014-9477
NOT-FOR-US: Mediawiki extension not packaged in src:mediawiki-extensions
CVE-2014-9450 (Multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities in chart_bar.php in the ...)
- zabbix <unfixed> (bug #774750)
- zabbix 1:2.2.7+dfsg-2 (bug #774750)
[squeeze] - zabbix <end-of-life> (Unsupported in squeeze-lts)
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