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new make and index toc

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# to be executed on
SOURCES=security_tracker glossary index contact
HTMLS=$(patsubst %,$(DEST)/%.html,$(SOURCES))
EXTENSIONS=tables def_list toc
export DEST=$(CURDIR)
all: $(HTMLS)
$(DEST)/%.html: %
......@@ -17,5 +18,6 @@ clean:
rebuild: clean all
publish: $(HTMLS)
cp $(HTMLS) /srv/
# Glossary
DSA, SPU, embargo, etc...
<a id="CVE">CVE id</a>
: *Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures* id.
In order to refer to a vulnerability, an id provided by [Mitre](#mitre) is used.
......@@ -39,14 +39,8 @@ Security team documentation
This is more a TODO list than an index. For now.
Please, feel free to [contribute with this document](
* Organization
- Contributors: Members of the security-testing alioth project, the "tracker"
- Assistants: Members of the private list, no access to private key
- Members: "core" members
- How to become a member.
- What kind of work you can do with each grant
* Workflow Overview
- some sort of introduction?
* [Organization](organization.html)
- How to contribute with the security team
* [How to interact with the security team](contact.html)
- As a vulnerability reporter
- public issues
......@@ -56,22 +50,9 @@ Please, feel free to [contribute with this document](
- SPU vulnerability
- Just unstable
- As an upstream? (embargo issues? backporting patches?)
* How to contribute with the security team
* [Internal tasks tasks](tasks.html)
- [DSA release](dsa_release.html)
* [How to interact with the Security Tracker](security_tracker.html)
- How to contribute to the security tracker code (Florian)
- Add `<unsupported>` #555164
* Member's tasks
- DSA release: A more structured version of the current wiki pages
- embargo issues: Private queue in RT
- proposed-updates
- Take care of the "Special" packages (e.g. kernel iceweasel)
- Front desk
- Managing CVE ids pool: how to ask more ids
- Access to private key
- Access to upstream bug trackers
* Debugging situations:
- what happens after an upload of a package to chopin
- where to find logs
- reject uploads
* [Glossary](glossary.html)
- DSA, SPU, embargo, etc...
- How to contribute to the security tracker code
* [Troubleshooting tips](tips.html)
* [Glossary](glossary.html) TODO
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