Commit bd417873 authored by Salvatore Bonaccorso's avatar Salvatore Bonaccorso

Add fixed version for followup to busybox (CVE-2019-5747)

parent 0ea0ef2a
......@@ -8975,7 +8975,7 @@ CVE-2019-5749
CVE-2019-5748 (In Traccar Server version 4.2, protocol/ might ...)
NOT-FOR-US: Traccar Server
CVE-2019-5747 (An issue was discovered in BusyBox through 1.30.0. An out of bounds ...)
- busybox <unfixed>
- busybox 1:1.30.1-2
[buster] - busxybox <not-affected> (Incomplete fix for CVE-2018-20679 did not reach buster)
[stretch] - busybox <not-affected> (Incomplete fix for CVE-2018-20679 not applied)
[jessie] - busybox <not-affected> (Incomplete fix for CVE-2018-20679 not applied)
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