Commit c4cb1830 authored by Markus Koschany's avatar Markus Koschany

Revert DLA for libslf4j-java.

On second thought this is only a minor issue for Debian because we do not build
the slf4-ext module by default. So only for customized private packages this
might be a concern.
parent a4a617b6
[06 Apr 2018] DLA-1342-1 libslf4j-java - security update
[wheezy] - libslf4j-java 1.6.5-1+deb7u1
[06 Apr 2018] DLA-1341-1 sdl-image1.2 - security update
{CVE-2017-12122 CVE-2017-14440 CVE-2017-14441 CVE-2017-14442 CVE-2017-14448 CVE-2017-14450}
[wheezy] - sdl-image1.2 1.2.12-2+deb7u2
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