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Add section about issues not warranting an advisory

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......@@ -342,6 +342,23 @@ Packages which are not anymore supported by the security team in a
- ffmpeg <removed>
- ffmpeg-debian <end-of-life>
### Issues not warranting a security advisory
This states are reserved to be used for the respective security team.
Sometimes an issue might not warrant an (immediate) security advisory since for
example an issue might be minor. When a issue does not warrant an advisory they
are marked with a distribution tag, the `<no-dsa>` state and an explanation.
Two sub-states exists: `<ignored>` and `<postponed>`.
If an issue will further be ignored the <ignored> state is used.
If an issue deserves an update via a security advisory, but it is not needed to
release an advisory just because of this issue, rather than `<no-dsa>` the
`<postponed>` state can be used. This state can as well be used, if a fix is
already queued up for a future security advisory and it will be included in
### `NOTE` and `TODO` entries
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