Authored by Sanjay Prajapat

Google Summer of Code 2018 Final Report - Sanjay Prajapat

Author: Sanjay Prajapat < >

Project: Click to Dial pop-up interface for Linux Desktop

Application Name: Linux Dialer

Project source Link:

PyPI Link:

Debian package releases:

Why Linux Dialer is useful?

Currently, clicking on tel: link doesn't do anything well except opening the tel: URI as a URL in the browser. User has to call or save the number manually. Linux Dialer makes it easy by showing a pop-up window with many more features.

What is Linux Dialer?


Above pop-up window appears when a user clicks on a tel: link in Firefox/Chrome/Evolution. It contains information related to phone number like Carrier, Timezone and Country in which phone number is registered. Currently, it has four buttons -

  1. Call using VoIP: By pressing this button a VoIP call is placed using Ekiga. (User have to configure Ekiga for placing calls )
  2. Add to address book: By pressing this button, add to address book window pops up where user can fill contact information and save it to local address book. User can check contact using either GNOME Contacts or Evolution.
  3. Translate to email: This button translates a phone number into an email using the local address book. If a contact has multiple emails then it displays all of them and let the user select an email address to send an email.
  4. Search on Truecaller: This button generates Truecaller URI and opens in default web browser.
Parsing Phone numbers

It can parse phone number in every possible format. If a phone number doesn't contain country code then it uses default country ( See bottom right corner in above image ), displays Invalid Phone Number or Invalid format by validating phone number. It supports phone number through tel: link and command line linuxdialer -t +919988776655

Parsing vCard files

It can parse a vCard file through file browser and command line linuxdialer -v vcard_file.vcf. It extracts phone number from vCard file, displays them in a pop-up window and provides a button to open with Linux Dialer main pop-up interface.

Adding More buttons

One can add more buttons by looking at Button Creation Framework Documentation.


Install from PyPI (Install PyQt5 and Ekiga separately using package manager )
pip3 install linuxdialer
sudo apt install python3-pyqt5 ekiga

Make sure you have ~/.local/bin in PATH environment variable while installing using pip.

Using debian package ( Install phonenumbers library separately using pip3 )

Download latest debian package from Release

sudo dpkg -i linuxdialer*.deb
pip3 install phonenumbers

MimeType Handling

Use other browser if firefox shows following error "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt".

tel: link-

vcard file

Run through command line

linuxdialer -t tel:+919988776655
linuxdialer -v path/to/vcardfile

Weekly Progress (debian-outreach mailing list )

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