Authored by Saif Abdul Cassim

Google Summer of Code 2019

This is the report for the final evaluation of GSoC 2019 for Saif Abdul Cassim.

GSoC2019SaifAbdulCassim.markdown 4.22 KB
  • Glad to have you as a student yet again, and it's good to hear that you'll continue working after GSoC and finish this task :)

    Some minor nit picks:

    The "The remaining from the above work are already in sid(patched in kotlin; or the changes we done and pushed to sid directly by mentors) or they are being reviwed." sentence could be reworded, and put on it's own line to make it clearer.

    What you mean is - The remaining dependencies are either already packaged by a mentor, or kotlin has been patched to not require them, right?

  • Yes you are right thats what I meant.

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