Authored by Katerina

Google Summer of Code 2019

This is the report for the final evaluation of GSoC 2019 for Katerina.

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  • There is one crucial information missing: The topic of your own "meta-task", which is to package dependencies for android.jar. What you described is the whole android-tools agenda, but in fact the protagonist is your meta-task so you might also need to describe the significance of building android.jar in Debian. If you are not absolutely sure about all the details, just ask us.

    ah yes, I saw you mentioned the meta-task in just one sentence. But I don't think it's enough.

  • All my work is stored on Salsa server

    There is no "salsa server" here, but the GitLab instance in Debian which we nicknamed "salsa". This could sound foreign to people outside of the Debian circle. Instead you can say something like "the Git repositories in Debian".

  • I suggest adding the links showing the status of the packages you have worked on.

    For the ones still waiting in the NEW queue, you can put e.g. this. The whole NEW queue is here. Would be great if you explain what NEW queue is a little bit, as these are all foreign to other developers.

    For the ones already accepted, you can put e.g. this. These micro news can be found at the package tracker page, e.g. this.

  • Also thank you for the kind words. We are also lucky to have you in the team!

  • It looks good! I'm very happy to hear that Debian and GSoC were able to bring you into the world of free software. You took the first giant leap in finding Debian, applying to GSoC, then diving into work that was totally new. That is very hard to do. This is exactly the reason why I participate in GSoC: to help bring more people to free software.

    I think this report is complete once you do the corrections that @seamlik requested.

  • Looks good. Glad to have you as a student and see you get so much work done.

    Apart from the comments, one thing I think you could add is mentioning why turbine is Work in Progress - just mentioning that turbine needed a lot of external dependencies and thus packaging got more complicated than expected - and we also found a way to avoid using it for now so we kept it for later.

  • Perhaps would be great to mention that the NEW queue pages are temporary? Once the packages are accepted, those links will become invalid.

    But you can always change those links to another pages later.

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