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......@@ -28,8 +28,6 @@ XXX: If you feel like it and developers, foundation team, and RMs don't do it th
Release section (for example, the changes being worked on for
the next version).
* We finished integrating _Tor Browser_ 9.0 into Tails ([[!tails_ticket 16356]]).
Documentation and website
......@@ -62,10 +60,6 @@ Infrastructure
* We have published the [[technical design documentation that describes
the setup of our translation platform|/contribute/design/translation_platform/]].
* We upgraded the SMTP relay behind _WhisperBack_ to a v3 Onion service.
* We made progress towards upgrading _Chutney_ for our test suite ([[!tails_ticket 16792]]).
......@@ -83,11 +77,6 @@ Past events
* Tails was presented in Thessaloniki during [2 days for radical technologies](
* intrigeri attended the [Mozilla
Festival]( on October 26-27 in
London (UK). We held a booth there, talked with lots of people
including a number of Tails users, and ran a "Discover Tails and
translate it into your own language" session.
Upcoming events
......@@ -97,9 +86,6 @@ On-going discussions
XXX: Link to the thread on <>.
* We've started discussing how we will adapt to the fact Firefox
will now be released every 4 weeks.
Press and testimonials
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