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Remove comments

I asked people to comment 3 months ago and I think that all the concerns
are solved now, so these comments won't be useful anymore.
parent 1433e3c7
......@@ -15,36 +15,6 @@ tools accessible to everyone, whenever they need it:
activists, journalists, freedom fighters, and ultimately, you,
whenever you need some extra privacy in this digital world.</p>
- (-) "more secure communications" → "more secure world"
- (-) "Alternative OS"?? → "convenience", "disposable", "momentary"
The Fighter: We fight for people’s right to be private—online and offline.
The Hacker: We develop, curate, and package best privacy tools for the community.
The Protector: We protect people against surveillance and censorship.
The Provider: We empower people to use security technology otherwise inaccessible to them.
- (-) "Privacy advocates and enthusiasts"
- We want to help everyone
- (-) "those who need it most".
- (++) "Journalists, activists, people who are surveilled and
censored": matches our audience.
- (++) "Activists"
- (!=) "NGOs": NGO can have a bad connotation even though with want
to work for 'non-governemental' and 'organizations'.
- (-) "Privacy advocates and enthusiasts": these are the
- (-) Incoherence between "activists, journalists" and "everybody"
influencers, not the final audience.
- (!=) Audience: just anybody when you need some extra privacy
- eg. medical search, political comment, at work, etc.
- (-) "those who need it most" → everbody!
- (!=) "surveilled" → "under surveillance"
- Everybody is surveilled
- People might not know that/whether they are surveilled
- (!=) Audience + "political comment"
......@@ -70,18 +40,6 @@ digital lives. We make it simple for our users to make informed
decisions depending on their situations. <strong>The most vulnerable and
oppressed people are the most in need of privacy and security.</strong></p>
- (!=) "Empowering": it's not only a personal matter, empowering
should be put in a larger perspective, a conflict, empowering
people who are oppressed.
- (++) "Empowering": the tool is empowering by its usage.
- (!=) "Put people in control": while being careful not to give
users too many choices as it add complexity and be scary.
- (-) "For freedom": we prefer "empowering".
- (++) "dedicated", "trustworthy", "committed": Important!
- We are here to help people.
<p>We cooperate with and give back to other projects as a way of
......@@ -89,30 +47,6 @@ building better and more sustainable software. Tails is interoperable
with other tools and useful in diverse workflows. <strong>The privacy and
security of digital communications is not an individual matter.</strong></p>
Tails is interoperable with other projects, and actively cooperates with them.
Tails works with other projects to build sustainable tools.
- (++) "to build sustainable tools"
- (!=) Add "sustainable" to "ecosystemic"
- Tails has to be sustainable to be useful for people
and not die in a few months
- (!=) "shares" → "give back"
- (-) "We model our free software values" ???
- (!=) "cooperates" → "for what"?, "integrated"
- (!=) "Cooperative": with a good explanation, we prefer
- We are sharing with other projects and create what is missing.
- Tails is an alternative OS, not something that users run all the
time, so it's also important for Tais to fit nicely in the rest
of the users workflows and tools.
- Sharing with other projects was very strong in our original
vision but, as it's strongly in our DNS, could maybe be put more
in the background in the future.
- (-) "My data, my choice": digital security and privacy is not an
individual matter always involves several parties and is a
societal matter.
<p>We are a welcoming community dedicated to building usable tools for a
......@@ -120,22 +54,6 @@ diverse and global audience. We work hard to be helpful, understand our
users, and educate them without being paternalistic. <strong>If a tool is hard to use, it
is less secure.</strong></p>
- (!=) "Inclusive" → "Accessible"
- (!=) Put accessibility before security
- (++) "Inclusive".
- (!=) "listen to" → "understand"
- (!=) "Accessible": could we find a way of combining 'accessible'
- (++) "Accessible"
with 'inclusive', 'usable tools for a diverse community'.
- (++) "Tails is committed to building usable tools": for a diverse
- (!=) "inaccessible" → "unusable"
- Is Tails making tools easier to use?
- People don't care so much about the underlying technology but
about what it permits
<h3>No bullshit</h3>
<p>We don't promise absolute security but
......@@ -144,15 +62,6 @@ our software in an instructive way, without being disorientating,
patronizing, or overly cautious. <strong>Tails is safe but not
- (++) "No bullshit" → "honest"?
- (!=) "Straight-talking": people had a hard time understand or
relating to this term. "No bullshit" was clearer
- (!=) "Straight-talking": we have this deep in our DNS and
sometimes do it too much.
- (++) "without patronizing"
<div id="personality" class="col-sm-4">
......@@ -165,25 +74,10 @@ magic.</strong></p>
<div class="progress"><div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" style="width: 60%" aria-valuenow="60"></div></div>
- (!=) "vigilant" → "cautious"
- (++) "Confident": we want to be more confident in our message
- Tails is a political statement:
- Everybody should have privacy online.
- Computers are tools used by people with power to control
people with less power, related to "empowering".
<div class="progress"><div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" style="width: 80%" aria-valuenow="80"></div></div>
- (-) 100% ideological
- (++) More towards impartial than ideological
- (-) Ideological 100% → "privacy preservation is not ideological"
<div class="progress"><div class="progress-bar" role="progressbar" style="width: 70%" aria-valuenow="70"></div></div>
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