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......@@ -49,6 +49,15 @@ Documentation and website
- [[macOS|upgrade/mac-overview]]
- [[Linux|upgrade/linux-overview]]
Hot topics on our help desk
1. A lot of people reported having issues [[!tails_ticket 17185 desc="installing Tails with Etcher on MacOS"]]
1. We got also numerous reports from people having trouble to [[!tails_ticket 17183 desc="import PGP keys with Seahorse"]]
1. And some users are facing a graphic issue on computers with two GPU caused by [[!tails_ticket 17199 desc="MAC spoofing running udevadm trigger"]]
......@@ -135,7 +135,7 @@ and tasks management:
Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
* users' needs: e.g. if the APT repository is down, then the
"Additional Software Packages" persistence feature is broken;
_Additional Software_ feature is broken;
* developers' needs: e.g. if the ISO build fails, then developers
cannot work;
* the release process' needs: we want to be able to do an emergency
......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@ Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
- host the Tails [[main repository|contribute/git#main-repo]]
and our website's underlays
* access: Tails core developers only
* tools: [[!debpts gitolite]]
* tools: [[!debpts gitolite3]]
* configuration: `tails::gitolite` class in [[!tails_gitweb_repo
* importance: high (needed to release Tails)
......@@ -427,11 +427,13 @@ Below, importance level is evaluated based on:
* URL: <>
* purpose: web interface for translators
* admins: emmapeel, spriver
* [[design documentation|contribute/design/translation_platform]]
* [[usage documentation|contribute/how/translate/with_translation_platform]]
* admins: to be defined ([[!tails_ticket 17050]])
* tools: [Weblate](
* configuration:
- `tails::weblate` class in [[!tails_gitweb_repo puppet-tails]]
* importance: low (not in production yet)
* importance: to be defined
## WhisperBack relay
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