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Publish July report.

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[[!meta date="Thu Aug 8 09:09:39 2013"]]
[[!meta title="Tails report for July, 2013"]]
[[!toc levels=1]]
Tails summit
Five developers met for our annual summit. The summit was less dense
than last year but still very productive. See the [[detailed
There was no release in July. Tails 0.20 [is
for the 9th of August.
- 151 657 connections of Tails to the Tor network. This makes a boot
every 17.7 seconds on average. This is an approximation from the
requests made to the security announcements feed when Tails is
connected to Tor.
- 77 non-empty bug reports were received through WhisperBack.
- We had two low-hanging fruits sessions, that were mostly used to
review and merge pending branches.
- A lot of work has been done to [[!tails_gitweb_branch feature/wheezy
desc="migrate to Debian Wheezy"]]:
- A first build of Tails based on Debian Wheezy version was tested,
and many bugs [[!tails_ticket 6015 desc="were identified"]].
- The work on AppArmor was [[!tails_gitweb_branch feature/apparmor
desc="continued"]]. An early upstream patch that aims to add support
for stacked filesystems [[!tails_ticket 6199 desc="was tested"]].
- The included Linux kernel was [[!tails_gitweb_branch
feature/linux-3.10 desc="updated"]] to 3.10-1.
- A deprecation wrapper for Truecrypt was [[!tails_gitweb_branch
feature/truecrypt_deprecation_wrapper desc="written"]]. Many thanks to Julien
Voisin for providing patches.
- Dasher, a graphical predictive text input system, was
[[!tails_gitweb_branch feature/install-dasher desc="installed"]].
- The Wikileaks IRC server address was [[!tails_gitweb_branch
bugfix/wikileaks_irc desc="tentatively fixed"]]. Many thanks to Julien
Voisin for providing patches. User interface issues have prevented us from
merging this branch yet.
- Claws mail will [[!tails_gitweb_commit
7a293bbc41766c4ba32e229acb862eabe05d05ce desc="no more display a
dialog box"]] when sending a message. Many thanks to matsa for
providing a patch.
- Many [[!tails_gitweb_branch feature/remember_installed_packages
desc="improvements"]] to additional software have been merged.
- A bunch of improvements to our test suite were proposed and
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/fix-persistence-checks]],
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/reorg]],
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/firewall-check-tag]],
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/keep-volumes-tag]] and
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/fix-iso-reporting]].
Documentation and Website
- The [[Promote|contribute/how/promote]] page was [[!tails_gitweb_commit
c8f80ebb18a6077feacbf00e7c31a19a99b22648 desc="fully rewritten"]].
- A new page [[Website|contribute/how/website]] on how to improve the
Tails website was [[!tails_gitweb_commit
fb9135c3ba1cbb974f9ab3bf596d17ce03803e4a desc="added to the contribute
- The page [[Translate|contribute/how/translate]] was
[[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/either_git_or_transifex desc="reworked in
depth"]] to match our new translation workflow using either Git or
- The [[Pidgin|doc/anonymous_internet/pidgin]] documentation was
[[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/better-pidgin-and-otr-documentation
desc="was fully rewritten"]].
- The [[homepage|index]] was [[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/circumvention
desc="rephrased"]] to mention Internet circumvention.
- Our Tor enforcement policy was [[!tails_gitweb_commit
e0dba123f20e0df72ac723510b6fba093a1a29d7 desc="clarified"]] on the
[[About|about]] page.
- The OpenPGP signature to verify the ISO images is now
[[!tails_gitweb_branch doc/fix_signature_link desc="served directly
by our website"]].
- A prototype conversion of our test suite to use
[[!tails_gitweb_branch test/rjb-migration
desc="native ruby + rjb instead of JRuby"]] was pushed to Git.
Localization and Internationalization
- All Tails strings but the website are now translatable in Transifex.
- i18nspector was uploaded to wheezy-backports.
- Our todo list items were [[!tails_redmine desc="migrated to Redmine"]].
- Blueprints were extracted from our old todo section into the new
[[Blueprint|blueprint]] section to store our research and plans in a
static form outside of Redmine.
- Criterion to flag a task as easy were
[[identified|contribute/working_together/criteria_for_easy_tasks]] as
a way to orientate better new contributors.
- Our roadmap was updated and we defined our objectives for Tails 1.0,
1.1, 2.0, and 3.0:
- [Tails 1.0]( 1.0): feature parity with Incognito
- [Tails 1.1]( 1.1): Tails based on Debian Wheezy
- [Tails 2.0]( 2.0): Sustainability and maintainability
- [Tails 3.0]( 3.0): Hardening and better security
- We started working on making our infrastructure more reliable:
[[!tails_ticket 6185 desc="looking for a system"]] that could act as
a fail-over for our main server.
- A short-term funding with sponsor Bravo has been tentatively confirmed and
redefined, but not signed yet.
- The contracts for the bounty program are still being signed. But some
work has already been done and tested on Seahorse Nautilus, AppArmor,
ikiwiki to Redmine, keyringer and libvirt.
- We sent a concept note to answer sponsor Charlie's call
for proposals.
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