Commit b5f80dd4 authored by Ulrike Uhlig's avatar Ulrike Uhlig

Correct placement of logo

parent 45842bcb
......@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ Are you an individual and want to help Tails? [[We warmly welcome your donations
<div class="currentpartner">
<p class="partner partner-size-4" title="An individual - $2.000">[[!img lib/partners/anonymous.png link="no"]]</p>
<p class="partner partner-size-4"><a href="" title="I2P - 0.1BTC">[[!img lib/partners/i2p.png link="no"]]</a></p>
<p class="amount-range">in-kind</p>
<div class="currentpartner">
<p class="partner partner-in-kind" title="Tor - Server rent"><a href="">[[!img lib/partners/tor.png link="no"]]</a></p>
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