1. 14 Jan, 2019 2 commits
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      Better separation of output, logic, and library functions · d4d5d8a5
      m3hm00d authored
      1. 51-update-bash.bashrc:
      - Add comment to '/etc/bashrc' ('The following code is added by XYZ
      - Removal of OPTS_FILE variable.
      2. replace-su-with-sudo.sh:
      - Updated comment to better describe the role of this script.
      - Moved output stuff to '/usr/local/bin/replace-su-with-sudo'.
      - Moved translation stuff to '/usr/local/bin/replace-su-with-sudo'.
      - 'su' function will now simply call the 'replace-su-with-sudo' script.
      3. replace-su-with-sudo:
      - Created new script
      - It handles the logic and output (with translation) of 'Please use sudo
      instead' message.
      4. tails_is_password_set.py
      - Moved from /usr/local/bin/ to /usr/local/lib/python3/dist-packages/
      - Removed main() function. This file is now just a library; not meant to
      be executed as a standalone script.
      5. 'POTFILES.in' and 'refresh-translations':
      - Modified to accommodate the changes made in 'replace-su-with-sudo.sh'
      and 'replace-su-with-sudo'.
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      Have translatable strings for the torstatus GNOME Shell extension added to... · 84aec1ed
      intrigeri authored
      Have translatable strings for the torstatus GNOME Shell extension added to tails.pot (refs: #15715).
      Previously, refresh-translations extracted them into tmp/pot/extension.js.pot
      but then nothing more happened because that file was not in po/POTFILES.in.
      So the strings (e.g. "Open Onion Circuits") did not end up in tails.pot, never
      got translated, and were always displayed in English in the GUI.
  9. 30 Jul, 2018 1 commit
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      Update VeraCrypt Mounter · 9fa6f43e
      segfault authored
      * Support opening files
      * Make VeraCrypt Mounter the default handler for .tc/.hc files
      * Improve error handling when attaching file containers
      * Prevent errors when starting multiple mount operations at once
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      Refactor and improve awk. · 6cc303b9
      anonym authored
      By exploiting the fact that if the last expression is true (i.e. 1)
      awk will print the current line (otherwise nothing), we have that
          { if (between) { print; } }
      is equivalent to just
      The latter which matches the approach in the awk we just replaced (but
      there the variable name was `flag`, not `between`).
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      Fix custom polkit prompt org.boum.tails.root-terminal.policy.in and its... · 2b770d45
      intrigeri authored
      Fix custom polkit prompt org.boum.tails.root-terminal.policy.in and its translations (refs: #12738).
      Without this, even after I've refreshed the POT and PO files, translated the new
      string into French and run ./refresh-translations again, the custom polkit
      prompt is not displayed even in English, which is no big surprise because the
      are identical i.e. no translation is integrated, and even the original string in
      English is still in a <_message> block that won't be used at runtime.
      This is explained by the fact that `intltool-update --desktop-style' can't
      possibly work for XML files, so let's use --xml-style instead for
      Note that I don't master awk so I don't know if the awk magics in
      intltool_merge_desktop will actually *stop* after having dealt with the block
      it's supposed to act on, or if that hack was assuming that we would never need
      any other similar trick (which was wrong as soon as it was written, oh well) and
      as a result it's going to try to handle org.boum.tails.root-terminal.policy
      with --desktop-style anyway. But as we've seen already this is a no-op so
      I won't bother learning awk today, and hopefully some day this code will be
      rewritten in a language I understand.
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      normalize_pot(): convert to extended regexp and avoid extreme quoting caused... · 5efee3d7
      intrigeri authored
      normalize_pot(): convert to extended regexp and avoid extreme quoting caused by shell double quotes (refs: #12641).
  25. 12 Sep, 2017 5 commits