Commit bcf78961 authored by Norbert Preining's avatar Norbert Preining

build-infra modernization

parent 1af5e2d1
......@@ -76,14 +76,11 @@ done
# forget this for now ...
for p in $list ; do
changesfiles="$changesfiles $(ls $component/$p/*.changes $component/$p/*.dsc 2>/dev/null)"
#changesfiles="$changesfiles $(ls $component/$p/*.changes $component/$p/*.dsc 2>/dev/null)"
changesfiles="$changesfiles $(ls $component/$p/*.changes 2>/dev/null)"
if [ $sign = 1 ] ; then
# better not sign all the binary deb, only the dsc and changes
# dpkg-sig -p --sign-changes force_full --sign builder $changesfiles
for p in $changesfiles ; do
debsign -k$signkey $p
debsign --no-re-sign $changesfiles
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