Commit a50e2aae authored by Jacob Adams's avatar Jacob Adams

Revert "Use previous build to speed up future builds"

This reverts commit 815b52da. Though I thought that cleaning up the build directory with lb clean would resolve any conflicts, I'm still getting strange build errors. Wiping the build directory seems like the best option for now and I will revist this later.
parent 17f8ec39
......@@ -21,13 +21,11 @@ fi
if [ -e "${WORK_DIR}" ];
echo "${WORK_DIR} already exists, cleaning (requires root)"
cd "${WORK_DIR}"
sudo lb clean --all
mkdir -p "${WORK_DIR}"
cd "${WORK_DIR}"
echo "${WORK_DIR} already exists, aborting."
exit 1
mkdir -p "${WORK_DIR}"
cd "${WORK_DIR}"
if [ ! -z "$LIVE_FLAVOUR" ];
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