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    Version 1.1.29 · 0686038a
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed detecting broken connection to the LIRC daemon (thanks to Ludwig Nussel).
    - Now sending CA descriptors to the CAM in the same sequence as they were originally
      received (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - The PCR PID can now be set separately from the video PID. The syntax in the
      'channels.conf' file is, for example, ...:164+17:..., where 164 is the video PID
      and 17 is the PCR PID. The separator is a '+' sign, not a comma or semicolon as
      with the audio PIDs, because this is not an alternate PID, but rather an
      additional, necessary PID. In order to use this feature you need a driver version
      dated 2003-04-27 or higher (setting the PCR PID didn't work in earlier versions).
    - Fixed deleting the last recording in the "Recordings" menu, which started pausing
      live video (thanks to Christoph Friederich for reporting this one).
    - Now setting the "broken link" flag for GOPs at the beginning of a new video
      sequence, which avoids artefacts when cutting (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).
    - Removed the Mute() call from cDvbDevice::StillPicture() (suggested by Andreas
    - Updated 'channels.conf.terr' for Berlin (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
    - Extended logging info when starting/stopping timers to show the channel number,
      start/stop time and the file name (suggested by Manuel Hartl).
    - Added a note regarding non-VDR files in the /videoX directories to INSTALL
      (suggested by Benjamin Harling).
    - Skipping keys that come in too fast from LIRC (thanks to Christian Jacobsen).
    - Avoiding short display of the main menu if a plugin displays its own OSD and
      is started through a user defined key macro (thanks to Andreas Mair for reporting
      this one).
    - Reduced the time to wait for EPG data when starting a recording to 3 seconds.
    - The new SVDRP command STAT can be used to request information about the disk
      usage (thanks to Thomas Koch).
    - Fixed faulty calculation of section length in eit.c (thanks to Teemu Rantanen).
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