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    Version 1.1.15 · 1a8a0816
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Completely switched to the new CVS HEAD version of the linux-dvb driver.
      The NEWSTRUCT compile time switch is now obsolete. The required driver is now
      the CVS HEAD version dated 2002-11-01 or later.
    - Adjusted the INSTALL file to the 1.1.x version.
    - Only accepting key presses from the current remote control when learning (thanks to
      Oliver Endriss).
    - Fixed the EPG scanner, which broke 'Transfer Mode' as soon as it kicked in
      (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
    - Fixed handling audio tracks in cDvbDevice.
    - Updated channels.conf.terr (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
    - Fixed displaying the group separators in the channel display (thanks to Martin
      Hammerschmid for pointing out this one).
    - The Makefile now includes the file Make.config (if present in the VDR source
      directory), which allows the user to overwrite several settings with individual
      values (suggested by Andreas Schultz). The VDR distribution archive does not
      contain this file in order to not overwrite a user defined file. There is a
      Make.config.template which contains the default values of the macros the user
      can overwrite.
    - Since there have been changes to the 'newplugin' script authors of plugins
      may want to newly create their plugins' Makefiles with the new version of this
      script, and adapt them to their individual needs (make sure you don't overwrite
      your existing plugin directory - make a backup copy first!).
    - Fixed reading EPG data via the SVDRP command PUTE (it changed the current
      service ID).
    - Fixed closing all dup'ed file descriptors in cPipe.
    - Implemented a plugin interface for additional audio processing (see PLUGINS.html
      under "Dolby Digital").
      The functionality of the '-a' command line option has been reactivated.
      Since the author doesn't have any Dolby Digital equipment this may or may not
      work as expected. There may still be some places where a call to cAudios::Clear()
      or cAudios::Mute() is necessary. Those with Dolby Digital equipment should please
      take a look at this and maybe send patches.
      Replaying Dolby Digital in ways other than through VDR's '-a' option will have to
      be implemented as plugins. Those who have written patches for VDR version 1.0.x
      should convert their work into the proper plugins for version 1.1.x.
      Note to authors of cPlayer derived plugins: please read the modified comments
      in device.h regarding the member functions cDevice::Clear(), cDevice::Mute() and
      cDevice::PlayAudio(). Derived classes must call these base class member functions
      to make sure all registered cAudio objects are properly handled. Also note that
      the return type of cDevice::PlayAudio() has been changed to 'void', since this
      function always has to accept the entire data block immediately and there is
      nothing that could be reasonably done in case an error occurs in one of the
      cAudio objects.
    - Now checking the driver's DVB_API_VERSION in dvbdevice.h. Since VDR now requires
      a driver dated 2002-11-01 or later the MIN_DVB_DRIVER_VERSION_FOR_TIMESHIFT and
      DVB_DRIVER_VERSION stuff has been replaced with DO_REC_AND_PLAY_ON_PRIMARY_DEVICE,
      which can be used to disable simultaneous recording and replaying on the primary
      DVB device in case there are problems with this.
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