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    Version 1.4.4-1 · 287cd613
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Some improvements to the man pages (thanks to Ville Skyttä).
    - Fixed a possible segfault in cSkins::Message() (thanks to Udo Richter).
    - Made the getskyepg.pl script of the 'sky' plugin send a user agent message to
      the server, according to the rules at http://bleb.org/tv/data/listings.
      If your version of 'wget' doesn't support the -U option to set the user agent,
      use the new option -U of getskyepg.pl to have the information added to the URL
      as a query string.
    - The getskyepg.pl script now replaces "&" with "&".
    - Fixed a possible crash in remux.c on 64-bit machines (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
    - Fixed a typo in the change to the "Use small font" setup option in version 1.3.47
      in the HISTORY and CONTRIBUTORS file (reported by Andreas Brugger).
    - Added a missing 'const' to cRecordingInfo::ChannelID() (reported by Andreas
      Brugger). This required the APIVERSION to be increased, so plugins will have to
      be recompiled.
    - Now calling cPluginManager::Active() only if VDR is really trying to shut down,
      and waiting for 5 minutes before calling it again (thanks to Jörg Wendel for
      reporting that cPlugin::Active() was called too often, and to Udo Richter for
      some hints on how to improve this).
    - Replaced 'unsigned long' with 'uint32_t' and 'uint64' with 'uint64_t' to
      avoid problems on 64-bit machines.
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