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    Version 1.1.19 · 2b15337b
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - The character '|' in description texts of EPG records is now interpreted as a
      newline character (suggested by Gerhard Steiner).
    - Updated 'channels.conf.cable' (thanks to Andreas Kool).
    - Improved handling of repeated remote keys.
    - The RCU now only sets the channel number display when there are no incoming remote
      control keys, which improves reaction on repeated keys.
    - The actual tuning is now done in a separate thread, which makes zapping through the
      channels a lot faster and no longer gets stuck on channels that don't broadcast.
      This also makes "Motor-DiSEqC" work (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for his help
      in testing this). Since switching channels now no longer explicitly waits for a
      channel lock in the foreground thread, the "panic level" mechanism is no longer
      used (maybe we don't need it any more, anyway).
    - The keyboard is now by default always active to control VDR. The 'make' option
      REMOTE=KBD is therefore obsolete. When compiling VDR with REMOTE=RCU or REMOTE=LIRC,
      the keyboard can thus now be active together with the remote control. If you want
      to build VDR _without_ keyboard support you can set NO_KBD=1 in the 'make' call.
      Since the keyboard codes are now different from the ones used previously (which
      were mapped by the 'ncurses' library) you will need to go through the "Learning
      keys" procedure again. To do so, either delete the file /video/remote.conf or
      remove the KBD.* entries from it before starting this version of VDR.
      (Thanks to Thomas Sailer for pointing out how to set the terminal parameters to
      read from the keyboard).
    - The 'ncurses' library is now only necessary when compiling VDR with DEBUG_OSD=1.
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