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    Version 1.1.12 · 313e3353
    Klaus Schmidinger authored
    - Fixed a missing Flush() call in the remote control learning procedure (thanks
      to Oliver Endriss).
    - Modified channel handling to cover all parameters necessary for DVB-C and DVB-T
      (see man vdr(5) for the meaning of the additional parameters stored in the field
      previously named 'polarisation'). Thanks to Uwe Scheffler and Andy Carter for testing.
      If you have a system with different kinds of DVB cards, like DVB-T and DVB-C,
      for instance, there is no more need to distinguish the channels through the
      'Ca' parameter in order to assign them to the various DVB cards. This is now
      taken care of by the "source" parameter. So a channel marked as "terrestrial",
      for example, will only be received on DVB-T cards.
      Note that the cChannel class has been moved into a separate file (channels.[ch]),
      and that all data members have been made private and are now only accessible
      through member functions. You may have to change any plugin code that accesses
      cChannel data accordingly.
    - The new configuration file 'sources.conf' contains the various signal sources
      (satellites, cable and terrestrial) which are used in 'channels.conf' and
      'diseqc.conf' (thanks to Reinhard Walter Buchner for adding some satellites to
      'sources.conf' and Oliver Endriss and Lauri Tischler for testing and debugging).
    - The 'diseqc' parameter in the channel definitions has been redefined to hold the
      "source" of the given channel (which can be either a satellite, cable or terrestrial).
      For compatibility with channels.conf files from older versions, numeric values in
      this parameter will be tolerated, but they have no meaning. If you want to use
      DiSEqC you will need to replace these old values with the proper source identifiers
      defined in the new configuration file 'sources.conf'. See how this is done in the
      'channels.conf' file that comes with the VDR package.
    - The new configuration file 'diseqc.conf' can be used to set up the individual
      diseqc configuration (see man vdr(5) for a description of the file format).
    - The "Edit channel" menu has a new entry "Source:" in which the source of this
      channel can be selected (either a satellite, cable or terrestrial). The set of
      parameters at the end of this menu will change according to the type of source.
    - The "Use DiSEqC" parameter in the "Setup/LNB" menu has been moved to the beginning
      of the list and disables the rest of the parameters when set to "yes", since these
      are now only meaningful if DiSEqC is _not_ used.
    - Removed some unnecessary #includes from eit.c and changed cMenuRecordings::Del()
      to cMenuRecordings::Delete() to avoid warnings in gcc-3.2 (thanks to Andreas
      Schultz for pointing this out).
    - Improved skipping channels that are (currently) not available (thanks to Stefan
    - Updated channels.conf.terr and channels.conf.cable (thanks to Uwe Scheffler).
    - Fixed a bug when pressing the "Blue" button in the main menu without having
      displayed it (thanks to Oliver Endriss for reporting this one).
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